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“I felt so comfortable with you!” is a comment we hear over and over again from our patients. An unusual comment to hear in a dentist’s office, and a compliment we are especially proud of. A smile is the shortest distance between two people. It is my greatest pleasure to see my patients smiling when they come into the office and leave with an even bigger smile. I’ll help you feel confident and keep smiling brightly.

Sanath Pathirana

Just 15-20 minutes from downtown Köln, Bergisch Gladbach, Mülheim, and Köln-Bonn Airport! Bus stop around the corner, parking spaces in front of the door.

Dr. med. dent. Sanath Pathirana
Strundener Straße 180
51069 Köln

Consultation hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8-12 & 14-18, Wednesday 8-15, Friday 8-13. Appointments at other times by agreement! Please reserve your appointment by phone: 0221-681652

Write to with any questions. We are looking forward to your visit! 🙂

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